Onde eu percebo que nunca deixei de simpatizar com o Cyberpunk…

Okay. Those of you into SF may recognize the classic rhetoric of
cyberpunk here. Alienated punks, picking up computers, menacing
society…. That’s the cliched press story, but they miss the
best half. Punk into cyber is interesting, but cyber into punk
is way dread. I’m into technical people who attack pop culture.
I’m into techies gone dingo, techies gone rogue — not street
punks picking up any glittery junk that happens to be within
their reach — but disciplined people, intelligent people,
people with some technical skills and some rational thought, who
can break out of the arid prison that this society sets for its
engineers. People who are, and I quote, “dismayed by nearly
every aspect of the world situation and aware on some nightmare
level that the solutions to our problems will not come from the
breed of dimwitted ad-men that we know as politicians.” Thanks,

Isso aí em cima foi dito pelo Bruce Sterling em um discurso de 1991.


~ por mestrebira em 16/03/2007.

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